Heathen berries by Thierry Lachaux

I write a story which is not true and can not have happened like this. It's a product of my fantasy. There aren’t any people who are bad like Juarez. They are simply the product of my perverse fantasy. Also good philanthropic people like Ramon Gandarian don't exist. There a no bonds between politicians like Blam and the Mafia. These insinuation are  simply  a product of my perverse fantasy. Blam is the best person on earth. Simply believe him when he says it and he will be good and you bad.

When Cunigonde was raped by the people of this castle she was told that the bad things she had endured could not have happened and were only a product of her perverse fantasy: her teacher Panglosse told her that we are living in the best of worlds. (Voltaire, Candide).

I never should have written the following story. But as it is written it may serve as an example of a story which should never have been written and of ideas you cannot have. But thanks God I had them because I got to explore a side and feelings of myself I never would have known else! Life is not a sttraight one way street. It offers many different shades.


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The pavillion at the Lake Chapultopec


Chapultepec - Moscow - Chapultepec


These are stories about gay José McDuff  who had to run away from home and got involved into the scene.


Read a part of the story: How Ramon seduced Valeria and Yves at the Albergo delle Tre Sorelle



Roma - Los Angeles

Roma - Los Angeles (Hadrian's toe greets you)

Read about Adriano and Alec, make a picture of the big toe of Trajan and flirt under the running waters of the fountains of Tivoli


San Francisco (First part)

San Francisco (Part deux en français)

Rêve de Ramon (en français)

San Francisco (Third part)

Techtlu (a dream)

Ramon wants to find  Koja who lost his head and run away from University because of a love story.

Meknes (En français)

How Ramon went to Marocco to find Daniel who  had run away to join José in Rome.


By Ramon Gandarian: Shib’s adventure


lost my heart in Taormina 

 (a story by our guest  Ramon Gandarian)

Giovanni is student of music in Naples, he gives up singing for flute and runs off with Christina. He has different adventures till he succeeds standing to himself and coming out. In this friendship he settles at last for the Song again).


In German


Stories by Cyril Attenborough in German 


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