Alekis and Helena
Helena is the most beautiful woman of the world. She has blue green eyes, fair short-cut hair and is very slender. She looks into the world, bending her head like a saint, like the most beloved cat of Cleopatra and came maybe later on in this world as cat of this great seductress because she too was such a great seductress. But she has not actually the figure of a matron, with a small waist and a big outstanding breasts, large nipples where the men can bury their faces. No, she looks like a representation of this long gone people of Amazons. Why was Menelaus "Le poux de Hélène" so much in love with her? Agamemnon would have liked to asked all the time of his brother. Of course he knew that this was nothing to ask in public. Helena had married into Agamemnon’s family and therefore it was public shame if she had run away with a shepherd. She had to be regained cost it what it was so she could be officially or maybe killed. Everybody laughed at his family, that the shepherd had lured the husband away on a ridiculous pretext and had run away with her while her husband was away. Not that Agamemnon cared for her. She came of a great family, was (presumably) the daughter of the Kings of all gods, of course. The marriage of her had brought much more fame to his family. But she was frigid, had never been able to get an hair to Menelaus. That had been the reason why Menelaus had sailed of to this shrine of the love goddess. And it was clear that she had brought no luck to his brother, he was now a cuckold. The fact that he had to undergo ten years of war to get back his unloved sister in law speaks pages. Agamemnon was really sour. Menelaus was simply so much infatuated of this whore. If it had not been that there had been no war since years and his soldiers got fat and no longer used to war, and that Troj was a rich town, he would have left this cuckoo alone. And now that she had run away with this young peacock, whom Agamemnon in secret thought as much cleverer than his brother, there was a good reason to attack the hometown he came from. In fact Agamemnon didn’t begrudge his (far) relative Paris to have now to live with this difficult girl but it was a good reason to unite the rivalizing Greek peoples for a unique possibility to earn an eternal "guten Ruf" as a valiant warrior besides a nice heap of money.
And Paris, was he happy, now? After having circumvented the clip of his decision which Goddess was the nicest he got now this dubious gift to have to get the love of the nicest girl of the world and this was the worst. Soon he had found out that the gift of the love of Helena was rather a curse. Helena had not the beauty of a human, she had the beauty of God, of her godmother Artemis, she was unattainable and rather a woman in love with herself. But what could he do, now that this cuckold Menelaus had proved himself so stupid that he did not even accept the way out of his mis failed marriage the Gods offered him. Back there, at Menelaus’ palace, she had clung to him as her fate, as the possibility the gods had offered her to escape from the prison her dull husband had imprisoned her in. He got so entangled in her that he had to steal her from the clan round Menelaus to prove them that he loved her, although he soon realized that it was not Helena that he loved but the adventure behind Helena. The honeymoon to Cithera had been too short and elapsed to quickly. Now he was back at Troj and the daily routine had taken him back. His relatives let him feel that they didn´t appreciate this bomb Helena sitting now amidst them and attracting their enemies. Helena was not helpful. Her love for him had not been long. Now it was clear that she had all the bad sites of her godmother and no gift at being a good housewife. She was sneaking around in the streets at dusk in a man’s clothing. And during the day she insisted on bearing these sexy clothes, always leaving a lot of possibilities for the skin to invite for ambiguous thinking, perhaps even with some calculation behind. Paris had learned to feel that this godly gift of Helena, her celestial beauty, was rather a curse for him. He was in an edgy mood, always sneaking behind his nice wife, not sure that he was now being the cuckold himself. And this, in fact, was happening and the more he dreaded for it, the more his worst misgivings were about to fulfil themselves.
While Aleksandr was about trying to safe Achilles’ armour, his father Alekis was sneaking around the streets of Troy. This Alekis was an incurable romantic. Now that he was safe in a friends abode he thought only about himself. At one of his nocturnal walks the silhouette of a slender young man had roused his curiosity. This person looked, seen from behind, like Helena, the wife of Prince Paris, whom he had visited some days ago. He sneaked around the small unlit lanes all the times looking left and right as if he were a thief. For whom was he looking? Alekis followed the young man. Why was he going in the direction of his dwelling?  But nobody else was in the lane and he must have made too much noise, because suddenly he turned round and Alekis nearly ran into him. He saw into his visage. It was Helena, he was sure. Helena was a person he had liked since he played with her at old Nestor’s palace which was not far from his father’s place. Usually he went down to the beach which belongs to my uncle together with Nikos Lately he had seen her first at Paris’ palace. It was long since he hadn’t shared his bed neither with a female or male and he was up to an adventure. Helena let out a sigh and looked into his eyes with a kind of slyness. What was she up to? “Oh, it’s you, Alekis,” she murmured, “I was just going to your place. I have an important message for you. And maybe you could help me.”

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