I lost my heart in Taormina

"By my guest author, Ramon Gandarian, Nobel Price Winner"

The struggle of the coming out of a destitute Sicilian music student.

An interview with Ramon:

Thierry Lachaux: Ramon. I wrote about you. And then your physical personality came into my life through our mutual friend. And now you even contribute something to my stories. I find it great and I thank you. Giovanni coming out! Was your coming out difficult. Does Giovanni have any parallels to Ramon?

Ramon Gandarian (Laughs): That's what I leave to your fantasy. My coming out was certainly a relief for me and it got me David's friendship. It's no job of a writer to give an explanation to what he is writing. I leave that to the critics and literature professor. Let some left over that the poor buggers can also do something. But, all joking aside, well, it was a possibility to rework my first coming out when I was 14 years old.

TH: "You mean, when you first ran away from home and met David Morgan."

RG: "Well. I think it would be a breach of the suspense I have to supply to my reader, if I would now tell you about what I write." He chuckles. "No way. You have to buy my book and read it, before you will know it. Of course, story and persons have nothing to do with the reality. They are invented. But in one of the episodes I tell some really lived emotions which I worked up."

TH: "Well. I thank you for your interview in the name of the readers, too. To think that I invented you and you came into my real life through David Morgan. And now, you, the personage of my novel, are writing in my novel! Orlando comes to life again. Well. It's surrealistic and fantastic and I think we all are looking forward to read it."

RG(already choking with a fit of laugh): I always admire your professorial remarks. Well, Virginia 

Woolf is greeting you. I think she would turn around from anger in her grave if she knew that you compare me and you with her. She is all embracing as was my dear mother. Enveloping me with her all-embracing bisexual fantasy." Gets serious. "Well mother had not much fantasy, but considering her body, yes she had the necessary weight to wrap me completely up. I certainly never will forget her embraces when father was again somewhere engaged in his business as he said."

Want to read the story? It is only an excerpt. The whole story can be bought at alexandres bookshop. 

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