This stories are written out of a free imagination and do not refer to any living persons. They try to depict the situation as it really is and is therefore sometimes shocking. The writer tries to feel into the feeling of his heroes. But he has no pornographic intentions. He depicts homoerotic actions also this does not imply that the writer is really practising the homoeroticism he is writing about. If a straight hero like James Bond or San Antonio can be loved why shouldn't it be of a bisexual one like Ramon Gandarian. The moral implications are the same, only the other way round, The writer insists on his right to have a free opinion which is guaranteed in all modern demographic societies. He does not infringe in any way on the freedom of others! He does not believe that putting people into strong moral bonds does better them and thinks this is bad for the human relationships. The writer advocates more freedom in moral things as he is of the firm believe that the existing prejudices and inhibitions in our society lead to frustration. The writer is of the firm believe that most of our human relationship especially in economy but also welfare and Christian institution are sadistic and masochistic and are the more cruel as most people do not try to stand to their sadistic trends (i.e. This sadism is practised unconsciously because only very few dare question themselves in this matter.) It is as the homoerotic side of persons of which much more have them as really stand to them. All this inhibition results in a wrong doings of the frustrated who cannot accept themselves towards the ones who are more honest towards themselves and were the source of all cruel wars and extermination. By the way many of the persons who were persecuted or consider themselves as being persecuted are in turn persecuting others and they don't realize it because they don't stand to themselves. Of course they do not want to be reminded of it.

Nevertheless the writer thinks that the more you write of this the more people think of it and that to pull such hidden affects into the open is the only way to fight against the insincerity prevailing in our society. And is therefore a step towards abolishing sadism and masochism in our society.

Also it is not intended, the stories might not please people you are too much centred on a narrow interpretation of the old testament of the bible.

It may be not intended for people under eighteen years too but has no intended pornography.


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