Ramon tells the following:

I had experienced a restless night at the hotel in Urbino where I took lodgings the night I arrived. Thanks God I knew this nice chap, Ricky, from the States. We played together and in each other's arms. But when I woke in the early morning the pallid light of the early morning sun going up, Nicos came again into my mind. It was too early, only four in the morning, but I couldn't get him out of my mind. I knew instinctively that it went really bad with him. I felt a guilt, especially when I thought how I had behaved towards him!.  Letting him alone in the hands of the police and trying to sneak out. Of course I had the pretext I had wanted to be nice to my wife, to Francine. But that does only apply to petty petit bourgeois. I thought always the better of me. Urbino was the town where I had left him in the hospital, after this accident, left him to his cruel fate.   The carabinieri had questioned me and let me go because of political reasons and because of my bribing money. I can't wait. I don't have breakfast. Ricky left me upset when I explained to him that between us there was no future. At half  past eight I drive into the town and park the car before the carabinieri headquarters. As I want to enter the building, I encounter the official who interviewed me yesterday.  He seems amazed to see me and beckons me to drink a coffee with him at the nearest cafe.  While I shuffle my capuccino (I can't drink espresso so early in the morning) he says: "Why are you still in Italy. I told you yesterday to vanish, quit the country.  Now you are searched for by the police." I put over another bank note. Now he is in a better mood. He comments: "They have interrogated this Albanian chap you had in your car, this Nicos Marouasset or I don’t you what and he accuses you of rapt and attempted murder. "Wasn't it you who raped him?"  he asks directly.  Why? If he would believe it he would not ask me but arrest me straightforward. But I am at a loss. Never did I expect such an accusation of Nicos, whom I helped to get out of the clutches of police.  What the carabinieri wants is obvious. And obviously he knows better then what he told me.  My head is entangled in the rope. But its not the first time, in Sudan that was all the time, and I have my experience. All cops are purchasable, especially in Al Capone's native country. It's only a matter to pay them so they get not offended. But he gives me the answer. He says: "Are you not this famous Gandarian who is selling the Art collection of his Grandfather to use it for social purposes? I have read it in the Corriere della sera. My cousin Baglioni is auctionator and would be much interested. I would be your agent. I suppose a small commission is due and you can pay it on an account in Switzerland." So this is it, it is all again a matter of bribe money as I thought. But that is no problem. I don't hamper myself with trifles like these money things. I am ready for the deal. I tell him to contact my law advisor in Switzerland and to discuss the final contract with him. It’s his affair how he will do it. Afterwards the problem with Nicos can be taken in hand, at last. I come back to the matter and he says that he thinks I always knew what Nicos was up to. What was he up to? Really I don't know. He just simply came here to the rich part of the continent to get his due. And that is his right. But I say nothing. He again asks me if I did do the rape. He is tenuous. But I never thought of anything like this. It's not my cup of coffee. I want pleasure and there is no pleasure when one part is exploited and forced to do it against his will. I won't undertake to reveal myself completely to him. I shake my head negatively and say:" No, no what do you think? I just found him.." "Aha, why did you lie at the questioning? You did not take him as hitch-hiker. i thought something must be foul in your playing the fool.. And you are a hard boiled egg, so to say. This bribing. And again. I shouldn't accept, now that mani pulite reigns in our country. But the one who is in charge of this campaign should buy soap to wash his own hands." I laugh. Italy and mane pulite! It's only an occasion more for politicians to make Public relation. "But you drove the same car as the perpetrator. And have no alibi." I want to finish this cat and mouse play. We are no longer Policemen and citizen, he can be  bribed and I can make pressure on him. I say: "But I think we are now fratelli."  Like in the Camorra. And at last he  understands my hint.." I don't think you are guilty, why would you go back to police then? You had passed the frontier long ago. And there is this rumour that the real perpetrator is Minister ..." I listen attentively. But he says nothing more on this topic. He looks challengingly at me. "But you are suspect. And a foreigner. Rich but rather immoral for certain circles. Why then look for somebody else? The government is once more instable. And why provoke a crisis without necessity? The government can be in action as it is for yet another couple of months. The victim is only an immigrant without pass.  As nobody wants to wake up sleeping dogs and an immigrant is a politically hot topic, nobody looks intensively for you. Extreme left and extreme right would find the topic a wonderful one and nobody wants to get them on the floor just now. And maybe the government would fall down." Has anybody ever seen an Italian government who was not on shaky ground?  I laugh. He continues. "That's why the young chap will be sent back to Albania on the quickest way.  And the acts will be closed . And the government can sleep quietly till the next crisis, which, given the situation in Albania, is standing in queue. Still I would counsel you to vanish as soon as possible. Now nobody looks for you at the frontier, but it can change." Is that all he gives me for my bribing? I am not agreeing but will have to discuss with my attorney. But I return: "I certainly won't do this. I have a moral obligation to Nicos and will hold it." The other looks at me, unbelieving he shakes his head. "If you remain, you have no chance to get your head out of the rope. Our politicians our soft, but they keep together like the mafia. Don't think you are cleverer than a Berlusconi." This one would be the last one. He sent me a congratulation telegram for my “Ali”. I don't move. Then he sighs. He sees he can't impress on me. He says: "OK. Forget what I just said. Nothing can be proved and I will simply not know you. And I don't know anything more concrete." But I want something more for my money. I just continue to look at him and ask: "Could you name me an official at Bari who could lead me to Nicos?" He laughs nervously. "You  never give up, hey. Not much of a realo you are.” Then he writes something on a piece of paper and hands over a name. Just ask for him at the prefectura. You don't have to give your name.  "He is good informed and can give you good tips." I say thank  you and good bye and he seems relieved.  I get up to leave. But then the waitress crosses me on her way to him, a nice brown haired girl with blue eyes and long legs. Passing me she gives me an inviting smile and sends me a kiss. I take the rose I have in my button hole and give it to her, bowing deeply down. But I think I have no time. She joins the Commandante. At the entrance I linger and look back, listening intently.  I glance back and see her sitting besides him nearly on his knees, giving him a kiss on the mouth. Then he tells her: "Grazie Valeria per il tuo cafè. Per stasera non ti aspetto, mia moglie e a casa, ma domani. " Then il commandante throws such a bad look in my direction that I prefer to leave.

Before leaving Urbino I make a visit to the Military Hospital where they said Nicos was kept. Not nice. A kind of barrack, in the fore room where I wait for somebody who could tell me if Nicos is still here, it's all whitened with chalk. I look into a room. It has white panels like the entrance and white iron beds. I shudder. So hopeless like all these buildings for the socially poor ones. Then at last somebody enters.  She looks at me reprovingly as an undesired intruder. "What are you doing here?" I ask her about Nicos. And hear  that he run away yesterday. But the doctor who would know something has his free day today and will be in only in two days. Nobody knows where to find him. He is expected back at work only tomorrow evening. It's not so important. I think. What shall I do next?

I need a ristretto with Valeria. She likes me.  She sent such a longing look to me. I go back to the local. It's midday and Valeria has her free hour. The Padrona cannot resist my smiles. She is a fully bosomed well fed blond person with blue eyes. in the dark corridor I give her a long wet kiss on her cherry red fleshy lips, while my left knee rubs her inner thighs. She coos like a pigeon und then I ask her my question. “You dirty little pig” she whispers in my ear: “Always after the young girls?” She whispers Valeria’s family name and address into my ear while I pet her. My models have always been James Bond and San A together and I must say without false shame that I am about three times better then the two together. But then she recoils as her charming husband shouts from the soil of the kitchen: “Irene. Che fai. Ci sono delle patate per pellare nella cucina. E lo zio Ernesto grida per la sua minestra.” He is a burly thickset chap with a square had, his hair cut at the root like a recruit. Already at this early hour he is completely drunk and swings to and fro like a vapour ship on hard sea in the ocean. I profit of the tumult to leave the scene in the French manner.   Half an hour later I park my Rubin red Porsche in a small suburban street of Urbino. I carry a big bouquet of red roses. Red for my passion for Valeria. She lives with her father and mother in a high rise block of flats with a much neglected facade.  On the 2oth floor. I want to take the elevator. I press the button but the lift is occupied. I hear voices somewhere on upper stories, shout to let the door of the lift close. But nothing happens. After having waited an eternity and nothing happens I decide to climb the stairs. Twenty storeys its quite an exercise. On the tenth floor I realize why the escalator doesn't work. The door is open and it doesn't close. Some vandals were at work. The family Bellavista lives on the 20th floor. I stand in the dirty staircase with obscene graffiti on the wall before the door with Bellavista written on it. Ring the bell. Shuffling steps. A bearded, badly shaved and combed old chap answers and opens the door. He is clad in a short gym trouser and a dirty sweatshirt . His fly is open. "Che vuole?" "Vengo per Valeria" "Uno straniero! Che pensa da noi?" I don't want to say what I think of him. I am too polite, only look at him. He smells out of his mouth like a rotten corps of alcohol and garlic. It's said to be good against vampires, that is against the sort I am of. But it doesn't work for him.  Instinctively I recoil. Am so disgusted I don't say anything. But alertly I put my left foot between threshold and door. He wants to close the door on me but my foot is in-between.  Finally he grids: "Valeria no e in casa" I don't believe him, want to slide into the flat besides him but he doesn’t let me get through. But I don't agree with his procedure. I push him brutally aside and enter without taking heed of him. He after me. Wants to hinder me to go on. Seizes me at the collar and grabs my roses which he throws on the floor.  But he won’t do that with me. There is a brawl. I am hindered. I can use my right hand only because with my left hand I have to squeeze my nose to  avoid his bad smell. But his fighting is incoherent. he is completely drunk. Soon he lies under me. I  turn him around on his belly and want to bind his hands together on his back. With what? Valeria peeps from under the door of her room. I wink and send her a kiss hand. „Amore mio. Io sono venuto per portarti via. Vedi quell’impertinante non vuole lasciare mi andare da te. Porta mi una corda per legarlo.” With the hand I pressed my nose shut I press now on his mouth. And keep him fast with the other hand. He does not agree, wants to say something. But I don’t leave him the possibility. I am not interested in his theory. The dear girl brings me a string. The drunken Signore Bellavista is fast in my grip. I bind him and he gets a gag in his mouth. He wants to cry but can't do anything, He writhes.  Now I can turn towards Valeria. "My little pigeon" I purr. "That’s no place for such a nice person as you are. Come with me. With the big uncle devil. He will initiate you in all vices " And I mean it. "Come on an outing with uncle Ramon," I say again. I embrace her und kiss her. Pick up the roses and give them to her. Unfortunately they are rather crushed. "They are red in the colour of my passion for you. Look what it cost me to fight for you." I show her a scratch I got from old Bellavista on my arm. Valeria looks at the roses which cost a fortune and are now scrambled. She shakes her head. "Fey for you. You  always have to exhibit your purse. What do you think I am, a purchasable whore. I love you without roses, too. You are so beautiful, strong and intelligent." Then she puts her arms around my shoulders, gives me a kiss. I shudder and she realizes it. "Look at the mess I am leaving! And the padrona I am working for. And the Commandante for whom I am only a sex object he has to hide before his wealthy wife.  Wouldn't you claw yourself at all available straws to get out of such an atmosphere."  Again  she kisses me and her tongue looks for my tongue. I kiss her soft lips. The old chap struggles to get free. "You are so beautiful." I say. "Nicer than your boys?” “What do you mean?” You are so interested for the well being of this Nicos. I wonder if you can like women." I have no time to spend in discussing. "And if it were so that I like you just for the moment. How can I assure you my life long love? Would you still want to come for a tour?" "I come everywhere with you, even if you don't mean it. People like you are generally not dangerous." she says. I am surprised. Did not expect anything like this. Never got it from neither girl nor boy till now. She is very clever, and very direct, is Valeria. I laugh. But I feel compelled to say: "Don't be too sure, look at our father. Maybe I am not so harmless as you think. I am the fox in the sheep’s fur." But without giving her time to think about this, I take her hand and pull her with me down the stairs. With her high stilettos she is too slow. I take her in my arms. Carry her down the stairs. But soon she frees herself, puts off her shoes. Arrived downstairs I direct her towards my red Porsche. Buying it got installed something to let the seats swivel outside when the doors are opened. I have only to press the button on my infrared device. Of course she is impressed, like all Italians when they see a Porsche. She coos like a pigeon, cuddling to me. I kiss her again, let her sit down and start off  in a fulminate way . Then, I I park the car outside town. Again we embrace and kiss each other. Huch, her perfume smells really nice. She smells like strawberries. And she stirs under my tongue kisses. I long to make love to her. But she frees herself. "You do it quite well for somebody who is queer!" she says. I don’t lose my temper, say: "Fee for you. You always put me down. I am a minority. Do you want to put up with a queer?" She seems quite interested. I take away her last doubts: "I have been married and have a son. My wife Francine certainly didn't think I was queer else she wouldn't have gone off with me and married me clandestinely. We flied my father to her father in Paris. But now she is a declared Lesbian and I a queer as you say. If there is anything you don't like with me just walk off. I won't keep you back."  She reconsiders. "You are just to direct to me, to macho. Let me time to adapt to you? As I said I would do anything to escape my present position.”  Again I kiss her and get quite aroused. I begin to feel uncomfortable in my straight trousers. With my legs I caress her legs and murmur into her ears: "Please, I am so aroused, let's do it." But she coldly pushes me away                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       „E il mio fidanzato, ci pensa?“ Quite sassy, Valeria. She has a fidanzato and has affairs with a foreigner. But I don't believe her, it's a pretext not to submit to me at once. Leave her time. And play with her. I murmur. “No lo sa. Voi far una passegiata col zio Farniente?” Col tua Porsche? E tua.“ “Ah si certa, la mia Rolls Royce e a St Tropez. “ „Sei ricco.“ „No, le banche mi danno del credito.” Back to normal small talk. I can't be all the time serious. She laughs. I am an elegant Farniente, wearing a black Armany leather jacket, tight black jeans. But she too is elegantly clad, her small thighs in black trousers, a grey sweater and a red blouse. And a special details: she has taken a bag with her things with her.  She only changed when i was fighting with the old drunkard but she probably thought to go away all the same.  Very quickly. For me its a signal. The passers bye hurry along, work, housework, family is waiting. I am completely free and have a nice girl besides me. But one of these onlookers, a pale elderly woman looks too intently. I want to pass on. I ask: "Do you want to sit at the steering wheel?" But she makes a negative sign, says she has no papers.  „Venga“ I say, „Ma addesso facciamo la passegiata.“  “Si.” She laughs again about her whole face. "You ask all the time. Can't you make up your mind." "I'm to surprised, such a nice girl with me. And she agrees with me. I can't believe it." "So you'll be persuaded now.” Again I cuddle to her and kiss her. "Sei tanta bella. Son innamorato di te. Che fortunato tuo fidanzato!” But the fidanzato seems to have again vanished in the wide American prairies. She really pleases me, with her hazel hair, her big black eyes with long eyebrows, her nicely formed mouth and especially because of her thin figure. No wide breasts but her black satin trousers and the grey sweater nicely mould around her forms. As if she was a chap. Feminine chap? I don't know what to say more, push a CD in my player. An Italian Madonna singing like marmalade soprano alternating with the schmaltzy tenor of Capriceto fills the air.. I start the motor and speed away.

Ricky yesterday at the hotel gave me the tip. It's a hotel with a good restaurant up in the mountains near Acqualagna. "With a wonderful view" he told me, as we were laying together in the night. "A pity we can't go there together. But you want absolutely to go back to your wife tomorrow morning?" In the moment I couldn't change my resolution. And he got angry. A pity. Because he was simply wonderful. His catlike dancing step whipping with his hips! His looks. He was wonderful and I was in the seventh heaven. During the dinner I sat at his table where his was alone. I told him I was here as tourist and he began telling me about Acqualanga. The albergo delle tue sorelle. The lover who had brought him there had been old and corpulent and without hear on the head. And was quite inhibited. But he was generous and Ricky needed the money as he told me. The dinner and the chamber paid him for his frustration. And a nice warmed swimming pool with view on the mountain peaks. Then we had finished our dinner and were both eager on making love.   “And there is this Yves, this young Frenchman, so eager to do it nicely and so fresh!“ "With you it's like in heaven, Ricky" I said, sitting on the edge of the bed, my head lying on his lap." I looked into his brown eyes which he opened looking in my eyes like Pappageno must have looked into Pappagena's eyes. He looked so innocent! And certainly wasn’t. Exactly as David did it when he came back from one of his escapades and asked to be forgiven. I had to laugh, and couldn't hold me back, stood up and kissed him. There and then I decided to get to know Yves. Did I say it? Ricky  was American, had light brown very long hair. I have never seen anyone with so many rings, bracelets and tattoos. At his left ear a ring with a diamand hang and he wore at his finger a ring with a big alexandrite, or something that looked like it, and a big bracelet of silver depicting the kidnapping of the Sabines. He had a predilections for juwels and was always elegantly clad in expensive clothes but not the rags which are now so in. Hadn’t it been for his accent, you would not have realised he was a rich East coast American, wearing armany jeans and a soft leather slumber, Actually as he told me this night he was of a rich traditional family and a younger brother of a well known very conventional politician. But was considered more like the black sheep of the family. Spending some months for studies in Europe far away from his strait laced mother.  Did she known in what immoral circles her beloved son  engaged? She wrote him letter to take heed from these heretic devils in the old rotten world. We laughed together and he wrote her a letter how he went to an new apostolic church each Sunday. I put my signatureon the letter as the reverend Pietro de Gandarian. And recommended her to read Markus, verse II where Magdalene washes the feet of Jesus. (At least I think this is the content of this verse). We fell in love each other simultaneously and had I nice night together. Ricky told me so many wonderful stories. But in the very early morning hours we got into a row, because Ricky did not accept my decision to let Nicos alone and go back to Francine. He left. And the next morning, when I had made up my mind not to let Nicos alone and got the row with Francine telling her so on the phone, he was already leaving the hotel with another chap.

I want to know this nice hotel delle tre sorelline together with Valeria. The streets are winding along the valleys and hills and I am a breakneck driver. In the bends I drive like Giovanni my Italian friend. With one hand I hold the steering wheel, the other arm tends over the seat and with the hand I hold hands with Valeria, when I don’t have to change gears. I don’t think that Valeria does enjoy my daring driving but it’s just my normal behaviour. Even when I try to drive like Otto Meier, I always fall back into my normal behaviour. Valeria is freightend and needs my caresses, I think. I have opened the roof of my Porsche. Valeria’s long hair dances in the air. Passing each curve she utters a shrill cry and I press her palm, bend down to her and give her a kiss.  I keep the wheel between thumb and forefinger of my left hand.  Suddenly some other car crosses and I dodge to the edge of the road. When only two wheels of my car are on the carriageway, nothing can happen, I have practice having been stuntman for Sean Connery when studying. And sometimes, when the curve is especially narrow, Valeria even falls on me.  At last, there comes a parking space with a little bench with a fine view. The brakes whistle pain taking and the car stand still, just some inches before the edge, with a view down a precipice some two hundred yards down the valley. Far down a small river winds along between the rocks. Valeria shivers. I bend down to her, put my arms around her hips and caress her. She calms down and we can get out of the car and enjoy the view. Sitting on the bench besides. A small bench for a virtuous wanderer not such a perverse lecher like me. I use it misappropriately. Valeria embodies exactly my choice. The  sportive has already quietened down and enjoys the moment. She sits like an amazon on my outspread knees. We kiss each other and enoy the nice view. I embrace her as if I had to keep her back from falling down the precipice. And I am aroused as if I had to beat the whole Ludovicus' army at Marignano and sing  "Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her". Now I open my embrace. My hands wander Into prohibited areas, the right hand I under her bra,  the left hand feels her lap and penetrates under her panties looking for lost truffels in her little black forest. It smells so nice like fresh strawberries and I have to bend my head to smell it.  She feels hot pulls down her sweater. Such nice views. I don't know wheter to look on her nice nipples standng out or the snow peaked mountains looking out from the fir and pine tree forest. At last I take the appropriate decision, bearying my head between her breat to look out to the view while my hand grabs for the truffels. But not long, I have to look into her two blue pools and give a nice kiss on her sensuous lips, while she swings her hips above my lap.  If the vrtuous wanderer would pass now he would get the big shock of his life. But nobody passes. Italians are no great wanderers and the Swiss tourists have thanks God not yeat discovered this bench. But we are too much aroused, we have to calm down to go on to the swimming pool as long as there is daylight. I have had enough dry battles, I long for the real battle in a secured place. Especially as the sun has now passed it's zenith in the sky. I say: „Viene, Colombina mia, andiamo per il parte serioso. E continiuniamo nella camera.” She coos out of pleasure. We drive together the red fireball of the sun going down. Arrived at the Albergo I take possession of the room I had reserved, we change and go down to the piscina Aber zuerst nehmen wir ein Bad in der Piscina. The water is really nicely warm. We jump alternately into it, and the one in the water receives the jumping one into his arms, swim narrowly embraced across the basin. Suddenly I dive under her looking for her little garden of Eden, with my hands sliding into her bathing trunk. She dives and suddenly I have her mouth before me, I press my mouth on it and narrowly entwinged together we swim again on the other end of the basin. We come back again to the surface gasping for air. Climb again out of the pool lie together on a couch and rub each other. We are alone, the other guess have already reached their room. It's now getting cooler although we are very hot. We go to our room to enjoy each other. She undresses and goes under the shower but leaves the door ajar. I see her slim figure as shadow behind the curtain.I follow the running water and am suddenly standing behind her my jacob looking for a dark hollow to hide his big shape. I let you guess where it is. I am ever the perverse. But Valeria enjoys it.  Its nice to soap and shower together, feeling each other under the running water, Suddenly she entwines herself, turns around, puts her hand on my mouth and says: "Do you imagine now I am one of your boys. You little dirty duck. Why can't you wait till we are on the bed." I get a fit of laughter. With Francine we did it often that way and she preferred it like this. Of course we did it from the front too, otherwise Simone wouldn't be around, But Francine preferred it this way. Said it was much more arousing for her. But Valeria seems really angry. The desire to laugh has left me. With her hand she grabs me where it's protruding and pushes me out of the shower room,  throws me down till I am before her on my knees. Feeling her pubic hair on my lips so I automatically start to lick her. She orders: "Turn around!". I comply and soon feel her hand slapping my buttocks. And her fingers directing me towards the bed. I wail: "Don't . I am no missionary, please let's not do it like a petty bourgeois." But she only laughs and her hard directive push drives me till I am on the edge of the bed. Then at last she lets go. Her hands embrace me, gently pull me up, turn my head around and give me a kiss. The whole torture finished, relieved I shed tears feeling her soft lips. "So at last you lost your macho manners" she sighs, "I love you much more like this." "Did you like feeling my finger in your anus?" In fact I swung with my hips and she certainly realized it. I only nod with my head and she continues: "You certainly have a dildo somewhere, do you want me to use it on you, My first fidanzato also likes it." I long to know who this fidanzato is and don't imagine the real truth which will come out later. I tell her where the instrument is and how I like it to be used and we pass a nice loving episode together. Valeria is the girl of my dreams. I pass such unforgettable moments on her lap. Finally I am exhausted and say: "Thank you, it was so nice, I never thought to find such a perfect girl like you, But I am hungry and thirsty. Let's go to the dining room."

When we come down to the lounge we pass a boutique. I see how her eyes light up when she looks at a elegant jupe with blouse. The hotel is rather for elegantly clad persons and she has no clothes to eat in a first rate place. But of course she looks also nice and her trouser and sweater, i love her like this. But I say: "I'll buy you this dress my darling." She doesn'r desire the one that we saw in the window. Considering the choice they have in the shop she takes quite a time till she has made up her choice. I can  assist a mode collection show and it quite amuses me as I can help Valeria to undress and dress unew with each cloth. At last she has decided what she wants. Then we go to the hairdresser as she needs another haircut with the elegant dinner cloth. When we at last come to the eating room, Valeria clad in her elegant tailor suit I in my tuxedo,  there is only one table left near the wall. I help Valeria for a place, we look at the card and I want to order a fine fish menue with a real god Vernaccio. Valeria doesn't like fish so we go for a Salimbocca alla Romagna with risotto con fragole and a  old  Vino Nobile 1875. i am quite frustrated. Also I liked it I am hurt in my masculine pride to have been submitted by Valeria. What can I do to revenge myself? I look around the room. But Valeria caresses my hand and cuddles with one leg at my lap. "Do you always give such nice gifts to women?" she asks. Good qestion! On the next table there is a nice blackhaired boy who sits bored together with his parents. He looks at me or rather at Valeria. I answer to Valeria while take paper and pen; "You are so nice, the nicest woman of the world, with your oval black eyes, your satin like hair and your soft skin. Look you this boy there looks at you." She looks in my direction and laughs. "He stares at you" she says. "E innamorato di te." I protest. Certainly not. But I have written a billet doux and will throw it to him. I have written greetings from Ricky and my room number, he will certainly get curious,  "We will see this evening when he comes to us. I am sure he is fallen in love with you." She loves even more. "So you have a nice pretext to invite him." Jealous? Over the table, I grab her head with both my hands,  lift it so I can look directly in her eye. "Your eyes are like unfathomable deep pits." I say. "I would like to look in there wether you love me." But now she got red and i I see that there are tearsn her eyes." She sighs. "You are simply an uncurrable macho." she says. It's the same with all men I encounter. I should have realised that what she said was much deeper. But I later on my eyes will open. What's true is that the beautiful Valeria is no blank page and I don't realize that I have intruded into her personal boundaries. She will pay it back to me and I will be much unhappy. But for the moment I  am happy having paid it back to Valeria that she dompted me and imagining the night we will pass together with the nice chap on the other table and with Valeria. With  my left eye I squint over to where the long legged boy with his short cut frizzy black hair and the nice brown eyes is sitting. It's certainly this Yves of which Ricky with whom Ricky is so much smitten.  Ashamed he is keeping his long eyelashes on his eyes, looking over to me when he thinks I don't realize it. It seems he can't understand that somebody can show his love to him so overtly.  Or is he even jealous of me or even Valeria. Of course this would suit me perfectly. The boy sits along at the small table. But at the beginning there was there also an elderly grey haired man with a young woman. Now they have left the table. And I have taken advantage of this situation to send him my little message. It stroke him on his neck and he stooped down to pick it up. Read it. I look intently to him and detect a trace of a smile on his beautifully curved mouth. I don't realize that Valeria looks intently at me. "Aha," she says "you have already lost your air like a pierced balloon. You want to get support in bed by somebody else." She says it to challenge me of course. And I don't consider it. I go over to her, murmuring into her ear: "Imagine your look. In bed tonight in-between the dark and the bright wonder." She looks critically up to me. "Which one do you prefer. This dandy or me. You prefer men to me, you must confess." I think I don't you to admit, let alone confess anything. I say:" Think of the pleasure of making love at three. You will have two men at your disposal." She is soothed.  But I think again about Francine. Her first question already during the wedding night. "Do you prefer women or men?" And I couldn't answer straight. I like both and don't want to let me narrow on one alone. Even if they treat me as perverse or mentally ill. They are simply jealous. They themselves would like to be so flexible but they are one sided completely hard boned. But Valeria gets ever more of my sympathy. I like clever people whether women r men as Francine was. But don't show it. Playing the superficial playboy all the time. The role of the insulted lover. "Who could I love more then you." I sigh. "You always do me wrong." Even succeed to shed a tear and let her feel my wet cheek. I kneel down and look up to her.  "You are snow white and Sophie Loren in one person. I am completely exhausted after this first presentation  and I am afraid I won't be able to satisfy you again." She laughs and her big toe caresses my lap. "I can't wait till we'll be alone in our room. But I must concede that this nice chap attracts me really." "So tell him, please." I say. Otherwise he won't come. "I am a complete perv but you will have you pleasure too. They say I am a perfect candidate for hell, and I prefer the warm hell to the cold heaven I must say. They have reserved me a seat in the eighth circle of hell, directly besides Beatrice di Tenda. The priest has given up making a saint out of me. If the church is right, Christ will probably be my companion in hell, he who had simultaneously Maria Magdalena and his most loved disciple John."  "You lie like the pope but you are so charming. I can't grudge you." I want to protest, I don't lie! But I am interrupted. "Can I sit  down." Somebody ask in a nice French with accent from Paris. Bends down to Valeria all the time looking at me with big languishing eyes. The nice boy of the other table has found my note and wants to join us. I am delighted.  "Of course" I say, "where two are quarrelling a third can join. "You nasty boy" says Valeria, "We are not quarrelling. I am making you compliments." "Fine compliments!" I answer, "you  calling me a liar." I turn towards to boy: "Do I look like a liar?" I say, in Italian.  But he doesn't answer and Valeria looks in a reproaching way at me. Last time to change the topic. "I am Ramon, and that here is Valeria. What's your name, you wonderful Ganymed, I yearn for you!" "Didn't Ricky tell you?" he asks. "Well I am Yves. "Such a nice name, but Ricky kept it back." I lie. He is definitively my type. What a night lies ahead, with Valeria and Yves together! Everything in me gets aroused. I give him a glass, pour wine in it. Drink. But don't let him time to drink. With the right arm I embrace Valeria and with the left hand I grab him and direct him to the seat besides mine. "Do you  come with us?" He just looks affirmatively to me. We'll continue in our room. Please bring me a bottle of Champagne in my room, I say to the waiter. I now know that Yves is in love with me. He simply nods with his head. Getting up I take Valeria left and Yves right of me in my arms and while going in big steps towards our arm I kiss both alternatively on both cheeks. To Yves I murmur into his ear. "You are alone now, my Adonis. Did your love leave you for a young girl?" "Ah, the one at my table? He is not my lover, he is my stepfather. Has a new friend, he has." "Aha, that is not your mother, this nice blondie?" "No, my mum and dad are dead. This is a brother of my dead who brought me here on holidays. He finds me rather like a boring stone on him. Wants to enjoy holidays with my money as he likes it." And suddenly I feel the hand of Yves on my fly. "And they let such a nice boy completely on his own?" I say and kiss him again daringly on his mouth. Yves laughs. "I have "Sodome et Gomorrha" from Proust as lecture." He replies. I make a face.  "Such a boring book. Such dry stuff. Had Proust had such a nice boy as you as friend, he would not have had to and would have had no time to write this" "But I write a novel too." "Then you have to collect experience, this book from Proust is dry like an dry asshole." Yves looks at me with a smile on his lips but says nothing. I have to speak all the time and people always say that I am pert. Yves is rather shy  but his languishing look and his hands speak books. "That means you are free tonight. Let's pass the night the three of us together tonight. That will help to pass the time." We have arrived at my room and I push him through the door, Valeria is entering behind me. The bottle of Champagne with the glasses have already been brought. We drink for our new friendship. And while we drink I feel Yves finger tickling inside my trousers. It's a riddle how my fly got open. Valeria's hand gives me a slap and I take it and press it into Yves hand. I kiss Valeria and pet her between her breasts. At this moment the telephone rings. "You have taken a third person into your room, the well informed anonymous caller tells me. He has a high pitched voice like an eunuch. But I don't need him. So I just hang up. In this moment I don't like to be troubled. But Yves could not wait. His knees rub between my thighs. And also Valeria doesn't want to forego it. Her hand pushes away Yves' knee while she pets me with her other hand. I pull both to my body till we cuddle together, caress and kiss each other. Then we undress all together helping each other and go under the shower. While we soap each other with shampoo while the water runs over our skin and we continue cuddling caressing each other. At last we dry ourselves and go to the bed. Lie on it. But Yves doesn't want to come. He rummages in my toilette bag. We continue at two. At last he arrives. He smells of my Salvador Dali perfume. And has rubbed himself with Kouros Gel. Valeria and I have to perfume ourselves. Everywhere, even at our most intimate parts. Yves' body is like mine completely epilated.  Now Valeria und I fight to lick his body. We do love in different positions once Yves in-between me, once he behind me and once Valeria between us. Valeria likes it and is not shocked.  In the very early morning hours we fall asleep. We wake when the sun is already high and there comes the song of the cicada and the birds.  I am alone with Valeria, Yves has left unnoticed. There is only a notice thanking for the nice night and he has taken the Savador Dali shampoo. I am sad, I don't have his address. But  before I slid my calling card into the trousers. Hope I will hear something from him one day.

"In no moment did I believe in her faked innocence. She is a woman and women know how to manipulate men. All was a intrigue to get me as "spending father". But I like Valeria. She is no silly sexy doll, as I thought on seeing her the first time. But she really is sexy. I consider if I can still play as if I would be her saviour. But she just laughs and I give up my acting. To save my face I say:" What do you think laughing at me?" But she doesn't bother to answer, just looks at me with an undifinable smile on her lips. I give in. She has outdone me. She is cleverer than I am I always thought I was clever as James Bond and San Antonio in one person. I Ask: "Do you have plans. Can I support you in your further moves?" Now I melt. She looks so nicely at me, bends down to give me a wet kiss. "Just tell me what your further moves will be, and I will help you." In a honey sweet voice, which is not her usual way of speaking, she says and I think she is inwardly laughing about me. "I don't want to return home. That chapter is closed. And anyhow Signor  Bellavista was only my step father. A kind of assciate. And a greedy one. I want to begin a new life. change my name and learn a new profession. And that's where you enter my love. I know you are an agent of the FBI. And lots of things about you." But suddenly she stops. She feels the cold iron  of my pistol at her neck. "Turtle dove," I say "You are nice and cosy and have everything I like. Now it would be easy for me to kill you and throw your body besides the street. You yourself said I was from the FBI and the police chief is my friend. If we work together without blackmailing I will help you. But not in this manner, like an ugly dwarf. If you need a passport, I think you are not yet as big as you think. I will get you the passport and finance your studies but only if you agree to speak before court in favour of Nicos and me, say everything you know." She has realized i have more experience in bluffing as she has. She nods. I take her hand and we clasp hands. I say: "Now we are associates as I am with the police chief. And, to help her keeping her self esteem. "Tell me what you want to study?" She says: "Journalism.  I can begin with the studies in Rome and lodge with a cousin, Carlo." I admire her courage.  But realize she has a fidanziato and besides a friend, or what else is a cousin. Or is this girl friend the fidanziato? You never know with these Italians and I don't think she told me everything. That's the reason why her brothers don't succeed controlling her. But I doubt she has brothers." I say: "I go to Rome, anyway and I'll bring you there." The road is broad and paved like the road to hell and I drive unhurriedly as there is still a lot to play with Valeria. I promis her to pay something to her studies, like the old rich uncle I am. Valeria is so nice to me. "I suppose she is nevertheless a bit in love with me. But as it is I am too much infatuted with me.  We arrive just in time for dinner in Rome and need some time to find her cousin's lodging. It seems he has "cambiato di domizilio" several times. When we arrive at last, the greetings are abundant and we eat together. But my astonishment is big. He is very much personal with Valeria, this cousin.  And soon I realize that he likes to flirt with men too. I like him. Such a nice and soft skin, these languid dark brown eyes. The hair must be dark brown, but it is completely shaved. And such effeminate manners! This has always pleased me most. This Carlo really impresses on me. Valeria is amused. But soon I realize that it's funny that he always puts my hands away when I want to grab his breast. I have my doubts. So the next opportunity I get I kneel before him and he lets me do, I grab at his lap, zip, open his fly, dive into it with my mouth to grab his prick. I stop astonished. Because my tongue doesn't meet a jim, instead it dives into a cunt and feel the hairs. It's a Carla and I didn't realize it. "Carlo" and Valeria laughs. They fooled me and I am offended in my virility. I thought that it was funny that the stubbles were missing, especially as these Italian have generally a sealed beard. ! want to rail but I have no time. Because it rings and somebody enters. I don't see him but it seems he is a great friend of Carlo/Carla. The kiss for an eternity that you hear it. I want to go and look but they enter at last. I freeze, it's Giancarlo, my journalist friend who wrote about the Mycene axe I discovered in Sudan. And I who thought that Giancarlo loved only men. He loves men and women. I don't tell him why I am here and he does as if he didn't know. I leave offended but he laughs because he knows he will see me again in Ancona.

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