Knight Koni of Ardez

Read some passages in this story. Knight Koni was married to a beautiful young wife, Isabelle of Hohenschwandenstein. He loved her dearly, she had been forced to marry this man who was older than her. Not much but enough, because Isabelle was still in her teens.

Then the beautiful young singer, Peter of the Heathen Berries, came to their castle and she fell in love with him. Ran away up the whole Engadin. And Koni was so furious that he chased them together with his best warriors, runsacking and burning everything on his way. In Maloya he cornered them. Killed this Peter of the Heathen Berries. But when he wanted to get his Isabelle, she sprang over a high rock into the valley. When Koni reached her, lying on the beach, she was dying looking at him with her big eyes which he could never forget. He went back to his castle, drank the whole day with his companions and runsacked in the evening  all neighbouring villages, till he met his fate in the form of the beautiful Hendrik who had been friend to Nicolas and had passed here with the children or rather youngsters who wanted to take Jerusalem from the unbelievers. The group had encountered many mischiefs and had been defeated by soldiers in the region of Basle and afterwards mistreaten. Hendrik had gotten ill in Tyrol and Nicolas had left him behind. But Hendrik was nursed by an old woman, known as a witch by the others in the village. When she died, stoned to death by the villagers, he ran away and landed in Engadin and there was nearly raped by Koni in his intoxication who would have raped everybody...

But read on in

Hendrik's first days in the castle


Cyrill was so nice and translated it for me into German. But it is a very free translation and gives some additional sometimes controversial details. 


Die Sünden des Ritters Koni von Ardez



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