Alekis’ story

David is a talented photographer. He is also a famous Jazz musician. He is living together with Thierry Lachaux in a big apartment on the shores of Lake Annecy . There, they invite friends and read about José's and Ramon's encounter in Mexico City , eat well, make love together and have fun. I know, it's scandalous. But David says nobody has to tell him how he has to live and Thierry is no longer prepared to follow moral rules of this society. Since he found out about the secret boy friends of his wife he walked out on her, lives a new life together with beautiful David and his beautiful young boy friends. You can read about his story in the book of Alexandre Berner:


Ramon Gandarian, yes, the famous Ramón, is now also a friend of Thierry, as he found out were David lives now. He is already of a certain age, a famous historian, Pulitzer Price Winner and Literature Nobel price winner. Today it's hot in California . He sits together with his love Alec on the terrace of Nike Garacharians' house in Los Angeles and tells him about the newest mystery he is writing. Nike who now attends the Festival of Cannes, lives for the time being at Ramón’s house in Saint Tropez, a property in the centre of Saint Tropez. He has put his terrace house in Los Angeles at Ramón disposal. Gandarian's manager prompted Ramón to write a mystery with a historic subject as these historical thrillers are very much en vogue. Ramón is sitting or rather lying on a couch. Alec, blond hairs and blue eyes, whom everybody dreams of having as a close friend, lies besides him.  Just besides there is a picture which David made of him when he was still a child. Then, David had to earn money as reporter of the LA Evening star. He had volunteered for the Vietnamese war. Alec, his name was then Max, is an illegitimate son of a high rank American Officer (Counter Admiral Max Smith) a son of an immigrated Swiss Banker of the Name of Hans Schmidt. This admiral stayed in Vietnam as head of the American forces. He did not really fight, that doesn’t befit for son's of Swiss bank managers. He stayed for some time in Cambodia like many other Americans, picked up “Susie” a Cambodian girl and told her how he loved her and wanted to marry her. If that reminds you of Verdi’s “Madama Butterfly”, you are certainly not mislead. But what happened at the beginning of the last century might also happen in the so called modern times, and don't think that the sons  of the oldest democracy of the World are more integer than was Pinkerton! I have been told that there are many former Mafia bosses which emigrated from Italy and have established themselves perfectly in this Land of the setting sun. This fine American hero, the counter admiral Max Smith, left Susie and didn't come back. The boy she bore was too much like his father, to be accepted in his mother's family. His mother was expelled from the family, fled to Vietnam to avoid being killed by some family member. She always thought her beloved Max would look for her. But Max was now well back in America again and didn't think any longer of his Cambodian sweetheart. And though the poor mother of Max was now considered as a Vietnamese whore, she had to earn her living and was only accepted at the American camps, where she served American soldiers needing to make love far from their cosy homes. They had made an Inferno of Vietnam and did not like this. All the time she thought her beloved Max would come back. He had certainly been killed in the barbarian country of the West, she thought. Life was so terrible in Vietnam for Max, his mother beating him all the time, that he ran away. All this time, Counter Admiral Max Smith, lived a happy life within his family in Florida . G.H.W. Bush, then head of the CIA, had given him the medals of a Hero defending the American democracy in Vietnam and promoted him into a post at the CIA. He also didn’t want any contacts with Alec's mother, who had written him love letters several times. He became fed up with these letters and the remorse he felt reading them. He told one of his subordinates to get rid of her. A Vietcong spy of the Americans soon spread the rumours under the Vietcong, that she had spied for the Americans and was sleeping with the enemy, Susie, the daughter of this Vietnamese hero who had had to fly to Cambodia when the French invaded the empire of Vietnam . Therefore, she was captured by some Vietcongs to be hung at a tree. And Max had now no mother. His situation in Vietnam was very nasty.

Lyndon Johnson feared he would loose the war. Anyhow, he lost his popularity with the Americans  as the soldiers were being killed in Vietnam . It turned out as John Kennedy had feared. All the pain undergone by the Arms lobby, murdering Kennedy and murdering afterwards his murderer Oswald had been unnecessary. David, then a famous photograph working for Agency ABC was sent as a war correspondent to Vietnam . There, he was taken as hostage by the Vietcongs who had emprisoned Susie and wanted him to take pictures of this execution, as they wanted to tell the American people how Vietcong heroes were taking revenge on whores who slept with the enemy. He was captured, brought to the Vietcong camp with bandaged eyes and had to assist to the execution. Her summation was terrible, the young mother was to be misused by all present Vietcongs in turn and afterwards strangled to death and her dead body hung at a branch. When the young mother was dead, and immersed in her own blood, her executioners had turned her upside down and hanged her to a branch of a tree. David was brought before the tree and ordered to take pictures of the poor victim. But he had managed to pick up and hide a purse which had slipped out of the woman when they undressed her to take their pleasure on her before she died. All the things he had seen while being a hostage to the Vietcongs were too much for David. He had taken to drink a lot, to take drugs.When his mother was abducted, Max, who didn't know his real name always having been called Love by his mum, found himself alone outside an American Soldier camp. He cried, hot tears fell from his eyes on the floor but the people just hurried along, taking no heed of this lean, poorly clod fair headed boy sitting alone on the wet floor in the down pouring rain. To the Vietnamese people he was obviously a dirty brat of the enemy and to be hated accordingly. The American soldiers on the other side didn't want to have to feed and look after a child. Max cried but it did not help him to get nourished, clothed and be able to spend the night in a shelter. He sat somewhere on the concrete floor before the entry of the American Military base, begging, alone, tired and hungry, and realised now that he would never see his mother again. As often happen he had nevertheless a natural urge to subsist. So he strolled around American Army camps trying to survive by selling fruit he had taken from the neighbouring trees and begging. He soon realised that no soul had any interest in his fruits or put any coins into his little pot, except when he let himself be caressed and carried away to a kind of a hotel, there to lie on a bed in a room, be stripped naked and misused. It hurt terribly when these insensitive soldiers penetrated him, when these adults forced him to suck them at their back or their front, where it stank and was often dirty. He soon came to hate all of them, all these "boy-eaters". He didn't know he was a child of a the American hero, Counter Admiral Max Smith! The American soldiers of the camp called him "Love" and he thought this was his name. When at last he realized that he was still always hungry and shivering in the rain, even begging and trying to be a nice plaything of rude soldiers, he tried to steal victuals in an American camp. Seized by a dozen "brave " American heroes, the little lean boy defended himself, injuring one of the brave soldiers by giving him a kick between his legs. The American Angel Soldier nearly lost his stand and thought. "This Vietcong brat must be brought behind bars as otherwise he will be a danger for our morally sane society.". They dispatched him to a certain American prison camp on Cuba , were prisoners can be damped and forgotten. But here also, “Love” or “Max” was no idiot, he realised soon that he would die soon in this hopeless environment and looked for a helping angel gurad. When he realised that a guardian looked at him with watering, desiring eyes, just as the soldiers had looked at him back in Vietnam , he knew what this meant. He didn't wait for the other to hurt him, he helped him find his desire. On the spot, he fell down on his knees, opened the fly of this grim looking American Angel and started to kiss his bad smelling thing. Vain troubles! The adult seized him, turned him upside down till his head was stuck into the mud, tore his trousers away and tried to stick his vile, giant thing into his back, uttering high-pitched sighs as he pushed. He was caught during the act by the Governor of the prison, who summoned him and sent him back to the States, to be judged there. And ordered then soldiers standing around that the boy be brought by night to his lodging. Love was brought to him, and as he realised that this brat was no longer a virgin, he took his own pleasures on him. Then, considering it too dangerous for his rank and renown to have him standing around, as a living remainder of his sins, he sent him to California, to a prison camp for juvenile offenders. Max, or Love, knew now too much of the benevolence of American military persons, he tried to escape during his transfer, but was caught, whipped and mistreated and landed finally all the same in the LA prison camp, he had been sent to originally. He was brought there, as dangerous delinquent, handcuffed by a very courageous LA policeman, who profited from the situation to..... I am sick of telling all the time the same thing and I will never mention it again. You can’t change Yankees and they all behave in the same way. I leave it to your imagination to seek out what happened to poor Love in this L.A. prison camp, surrounded by boys who had been misused similarly.

David had never been able to withstand the terrible shock in Vietnam , his soul was sick for ever. He lost all hope and love of mankind. As soon as possible he returned to England , to his studio, but he had lost all his drive, didn’t have any phantasie to work sat around in his studio, drinking, smoking shit, always high. Of course he had not been able to produce any good photography after his return from Vietnam . The picture he had taken of the poor hanged woman now hangs on the walls of the Ramón Gandarian museum in Acapulco . Unfortunately for him he fell in love with a another man who spent all his money and he had been quite comfortable before this adventure in Vietnam . Soon David was ruined and had to leave London , to flee to Mexico City , without money and completely worn out, living as a vagabond in the streets, drinking. There Ramón Gandarian found him, looking for another victim, a poor street child whom he had tried to save but had misunderstood him and fled from his home. He had never forgotten David, his first love, he had met as a young run-away boy in London ’s Hide Park at the tender age of fifteen. He had all the time being collecting the pictures of this his first love and that’s why David’s last picture, Love’s or Max’s or (now) Alec’s poor mistreated mother hangs now on a wall of the villa built for Ramón Gandarian by Alvar Aalto in Acapulco. Of course this picture of David had won a press price and been published several times.  Ramón had donated his famous house of Acapulco to the Mexican state on condition that it’s revenues would be paid out to the foundation he had set up to help street boys find a home and be trained in a profession.

As everybody knows, Ramón and David lived some months in their comfortable villa, but David couldn't stand it, living with Ramón in this posh touristic town, surrounded by misery, somewhere on the shore of the West coast of a poor country, rich of the black gold, oil, producing dirty money which flows .... not into the pockets of the poor in Mexico, but serves some rich yankee adventurers in the Middle West to reign over the richest country of the world, to produce arms which are used to kill the poor in Afghanistan and Irak and again enrich the same, already rich yankees of the Middle West. He quarrelled with Ramon and the pictures of their somehow crude fight, Ramón having been stripped off all his clothes and thrashed by David, were published everywhere as it happened the day before Ramón got his Nobel Price of Literature. David flew to LA. He came by chance upon a blond boy who was marching on the middle of the pavement, hand- and feet cuffed, surrounded by two grim looking, enormous policemen handling knifes and guns as if they were fighting for live against a horde of giants. David couldn't help picturing this poor boy, looking at him with seeking eyes. He felt horrible, because he could do nothing for his salvation. And at home, he was even more miserable. The picture of Love, he had still with him, felt out of his purse, and he realized that this poor, miserable, shackled boy was in fact the son of the woman having hanged hold by a rope biting into her ankles, her whipped, bloody body exposed to the birds of prey. After having taken this picture, David had always looked out for Love, but he never managed to see him again, save for this last time. But the nice blond boy was no longer around, probably secluded somewhere in a prison cell deep under the earth and David found no possibility to help him flee. Only Ramón could have had to money and the relations to buy his flight, Ramón was very clever and as a former agent of the FBI, had also the necessary links. But David didn’t have the gut to contact Ramón again, he thought that Ramón was so upset about him because of the press pictures. Finally he gave up, left this country he hated so much, went to France and met Thierry before the most touristic Gothic cathedral of France , Chartres and lived for ever with him. But chance happened all the same to Love. Ramón met him, later, when he had grown in different juvenile education homes, and had been christened Alec and had more than once blown shit. Ramón fell in love with him. He is now certain that Alec is an incarnation of the Hyksos' prince Alekis he is now writing about. A historic thriller which will never be written because Ramón no longer can write. Today both are lying on the warm rim of the swim basin, feeling warm and happy, having drinks and enjoying themselves together. After having kissed him again, long and intensiv, Alec asks Ramon: "What are you writing? Is this a new novel? Or a historical essay?" It could be, yes, could, as Ramon got a Pulitzer price for his historical research on the real origin of the so-called Hyksos, the folk from the Sea, and later on the literary noble price for his novel "Ali" which was turned into a film by Nike Garacharian, who already has won different Oscars for his pseudo sentimental films, for example the one about a dream of Proust, mentioned in his "Recherche du temps passé" but now lost. Now Nike turns a film at Ramon's ex-Alvar-Aalto-House in Acapulco about the secret life of Frieda Kahlo and how Diego Garcia tried to outdo her with his boys. Ramon strokes gently Alec's thighs and sighs: "It doesn't go on, it's neither, its something I never wrote before, a thriller, or rather, a mistery. I want to write a bestseller about a subject like this to earn more money for my project of homes for rent boys in distress. But I cannot write anything besides my moral and social fables."....He turns around to look into the beautiful blue eyes of Alec. "I am completely worn out by the love for you, Alec, "he sighs, at last, having kissed Alec on his eye-lids. "Of course there is money enough around without this book. All incomes from my books, from "Heathen Berries", "Ali", from the schools where my teachers tell avid truth seekers all about Ali's revolutionary philosophy of life for the people. We make collections to bring the money together, but people are not very generous. And governments hold back as the subject is not popular, especially with the political parties arising like vulcanoes in the extreme right wing. The gains arising from my sales of "Ali" and my historic books from the time I was teaching about the Hyksos at Zurich University should be sufficient to pay for it. But that is not the case and also the schools flourish, the sales of books are going back. For the moment I pay the greatest part out of my personal wealth. It's not satisfying, neither for me nor for all my friends!"  And Ramon begins to tell Alec all about the theme of his new novel.

"It happens in the area of King Kallisthenes the great, when the Hyksos live in Achaia, before emigrating to Egypt . Alekis, the young crown prince, a dark-haired, nice and dreamy boy, has been murdered. Nobody understands this act of brutality because Alekis is such a peaceful creature.  Nobody can understand why Alekis could have had enemies. In the morning of the day he should have been married to princess Chrisethemas, short Chris, the oldest princess of the befriended neighbor state of Nauplia, he is found dead with a mutilated body lying in the nuptial chamber where he had no right to access before his wedding. Never would he have accessed by his own free will to this place, not peaceful prince Alekis! It looks as if he was raped and had to die slowly from the wounds inflicted by his perpetrators in his back. There are rumors of the murderers having been of the princess's family. There are even rumours that the body found is not Alekis, but the high priest's son Nikos, and Alekis is still hidding having perpetuated the awful crime out of a fit of jealousy. In fact, only the king, that is Kallisthenes, nick named Kallis, has a key to the nuptial chamber. It's a very dangerous political theme as today he expects a visit of an emissary of the family of the bride. King Kallisthenes the Great, Kallis, very much relies on Nauplia as a befriended kingdom. It has always been an important ally. The throne of King Kallisthenes is imperiled. After this murder the folk is very much upset. They expect of  King Kallisthenes the Great to declare war to the former allies."

More about how King Kallisthenes the Great found out who murdered Alekis, and Ramon Gandarian's dreams will shortly be published.

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 Parallels to history in the story "Aleksis, the prince of Lacedaemonia) 

Some historic attributions are taken from the book "Bloodline of the Holy Grail" by constitutional historian Laurence Gardner of the Society of Antiquaries, also known as Chevalier Labhran de St. Germain and of the Euopean Council of Princes as the Jacobite Historiographer Royal

 Capital Bolivar Seite 366

 Napoleon 1, Napoleon Franc ois' father, was a descendant from James de Rohan-Stuardo, a natural son (legitimated 1677) of Charles II Stuart and Marguerite, Duchesse of Rohan. The Stuarts were entitled to the distinction of "being of the bloodline of the Grail", as they were descended from Fredemundus a brother of Clodion, sons of Faramund of the Holy Grail bloodline and Argotta of the Sicambrian bloodline. The Holy Grail bloodline goes back to St. James the just or Joseph of Arimathea (a rama theo), the brother of Jesus Christ. The Merovingian bloodline also claims to be descendants from this brother of Christ and had a special Christian believe, called Nazarean. The special animal of the Merovingians was the honey bee, that's why Napolean stuck honey bees which he had taken from a cloth found in the grave of the Merovingian Childeric I on the robe he wore when he was crowned emperor by the Pope and maybe the reason why he took the crown from the pope's hand and put it on himself is because the Merovingians belief was that the Roman Christians believe in Christ being son of God was not right, Jesus Christ being not a God son of God but a human created by God in his image and that therefore the Pope was not actually the real Successor of Jesus Christas he pretended to be! Therefore Napoleon Framcois who in my history later became a companion of Simon Bolivar and freed South America from the clutches of the Roman Catholic Spaniards! The irony of this history is that now, in the form of Pope Francis I a South American and therefore Nazarian has been elected to be the highest bearer of the Roman Christian creed! 

The whole is a bit changed in my history. Aleksis is the father of Astyanax who later on in Europe founds the Merovingian dynasty, which is followed by the Capetians, the Valois and the Bourbons, hence the theory expanded in the foreword to Racine's play Andromache that the royal French dynasty is founded, like the Julian Claudian dynasty on Trojan forbears! Aleksis is reborn in a later life as Jesus Christ the Nazarenean who also according to theories from Dr Thiering who analyzed Qumran papers, did not actually die on the cross, but visited his wife Mary Magdalene in the South of france, maybe also stayed in Rome at the time of Nero together with his son Jesus II Justus and went as far as South lndia to visit his apostle Thomas near Madras. Another natural son of Aleksis (according to this story) is Ascanius who was raised by his step-father Aenaeis and according to a myth established by Vergil reached with his father the region of Rome. 

Aristot too, who later on becomes by the machinations of Jehan, the Eunarch of the Galactic Union, the knight Baldouin is a descendant of this prince Aleksis and somewhat related to a Eric de Villehardouin who plays an important part in another of my books (Jonas, der Eremit von Valaam) and therefore somewhat descended from the dynasty ofthe Holy Grail).

 Aleksandr Troilos the only legitimate son of Prince Aleksis, emigrates to Hattusha after the ruin of Troy and of there as an envoy of the hetthite king comes to the court of Pharao Amenophis III and later Amenophis IV Akenaton where he is a counselor of Akenaton and later on, having married the eldest daughter of Akenaton becomes Pharao Semenkhare. In my book Moses is not the Pharao Akenaton who accordingly would be of Jewish origin even if this historian Gardner tells it in his above.

 King Kallysthenes lands in Egypt after having been chased from Lakedaemonia and conquests Egypt as a so-called Hyksos as he pretends to have descended from a pharaoh of the old dynasty (There were trading and possibly also political ties between the old dynasty Egypt and Lakedaemonia as 1 read in a historic book about antique Egypt).

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