Thierry Lachaux's Life

(Everything is freely invented in this story and there are no relations to really living persons.)

I, Thierry Lachaux, was born in a small boring town near Paris known for its immense Gothic cathedral. Lots of French Kings were crowned in this cathedral. Only one of them is publicly known as having had the same decease as I have. And he knew he had it some time before I realized it. *Which decease?" will you ask. "A  filthy impeachment" the scientolgists call it and .... no I won't tell you more about it. I will not take the suspense away. And I will tell the story from the beginning. I have still roots here in this all too narrow-minded town and am a respectable citizen, belonging to the merchants' guild and to different associations of citizens. My  clever and beautiful wife, who is chairman of different social organizations and two nice children, a boy, Yves and a girl, Rosalie live here. Everybody still considers me as a normal happily married men. Only a few know of the crisis I had and why I walked away with David. And pulled Yves too after me into the precipice. He is now living with us and my wife is very anxious! 

I too thought I was happy and without further wishes, chauffeuring my children to school, working as my boss, selling spectables and cameras in a shop I had inherited from my father, eating lunch  and dinner at home together with the whole family , both cooked perfectly by my wife, and sometimes exercising in bed with my wife.  Both my shop and my lodgings  are in the same red brick house of the last century in the row of little brick houses opposite the cathedral. All my forebears lived as respected citizen, worked hard and in the nights they dreamt probably about their secret wishes, known or unknown, here, in this cozy mediaval town. All this is very conveniable and it smells of the agreeable lives of my family. And till now, no one has come back as ghost because of the terrible perversity of me. Before our house there is a lot of green space, where we can walk, sprint or simply crouch down on the grass to read or sleep. My wife is sexy and nice, my two children lovable.

But then, two or three years ago, an internal change has taken place in me. First I began to think that this well ordered bourgeois life began to be pretty boring. Still I thought of course that all had be to be as it was, well ordered, with borders, as we are no gods. And I felt living together with Gabrielle and the children. But the problem is that I began to think that I was not living out all sides of my personality, that something, which was crucial to me, too, was missing out in my life and I began to develop a longing after this missing side of me. I still did not really know for what I was longing.But this was probably the beginning of the end of my happy life, the first steps into a sinful life. Sinful they tell me, is my new life, but it is nice, and I would never go back again to the old one. Of course both lives had its lovable and less lovable sides. But the new one corresponds more to my actual personality as you will see from what follows. Considerable time ago when I was still in my roaring twenties, as the saying goes, I decided to settle down, marry and have children. I had had also a similar crisis trying it out with men, but this disappeared as Gabrielle stepped into my life and I got enamorated like a normal straight citizen. Well, now I suppose you know what happened to me. My innocent familylife happiness lasted till , few months ago, David came into my shop and bought himself a film for his Leica. Since then it is as as if angels wings had crackled, nothing is as it was before. I think I have to write it down the feelings a had then to work up my actual feelings.

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